Thank you for holding a cellphone and tablet drive that will help victims of Domestic Violence across the country!

The GFWC has partnered with the Secure the Call, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, to collect cell phones that will directly support domestic violence victims across the country.

For 19 years, Secure the Call has been collecting and redistributing old and unused cellphones to over 400 organizations dedicated to assisting Victims of Domestic Violence. Donated devices are refurbished to be able to call 911 without a carrier contract, assuring help is always within reach.

Secure the Call’s 2023 goal is to recieve and send out 10,000 phones to their partner ogranizations. Your efforts to collect devices in your community will make a direct difference in someone’s life.

Participating is easy, fun, and free for you. SecuretheCall will provide you with all the marketing materials you’ll need to be successful and will provide you with prepaid US Post Office labels to ship anything you collect at no cost to you.

How Can You Help?


Holding a drive is as easy as letting everyone know that a drive is on and that you’d like them to donate any old device they no longer need to this wonderful cause. Spreading the word is the key to being successful.  We have marketing materials available to you (which we’ve posted below), and we’ll provide you with social media content regularly.

Whenever you’ve collected a good amount of phones – you’ll be able to generate a prepaid US Post Office mailing label to send us the devices you’ve collected.


More and more organizations are providing their employees with company cell phones.  Frequently, these old devices are sitting in storage, and in our experience, companies are delighted to donate them to a worthy cause.  Seeking out and letting these companies know that you’re holding a drive could bring in lots of phones and tablets that are perfect for our program.


-Use our provided marketing materials to let everyone know you’re holding a drive this October.

-Make a post about the drive on your social media accounts.

-Send an email (see below) letting all of your friends and family know you’re helping local communities by holding a drive. Ask them to send you their phones to send to us or provide them with our link to print a shipping label.

-Reach out to local schools, religious organizations, and businesses by asking them to hold a drive.

-Ask your local grocery stores to host one of our collection barrels. Grocery stores are have high foot traffic that make them perfect locations to collect for us.


As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all donations to our program are tax deductible.

Additionally you can mail us a device directly with our free mailing label.

Send an email to [email protected] or give us a call at 301 891-2900 with any questions about how we can help you with your drive.


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