Barrel Locator


In order to ensure your device can be entered into our program, it is essential that you remove the iCloud or Android account lock prior to dropping it off. We cannot remove this once it arrives.  It’s simple and should only take a few minutes. For more information on how
to remove the account from your phone – CLICK HERE.

donation-barrel-1Update August 2022

We just want everyone to know that our operation survived the pandemic, but many of our barrels did not. We have found that many barrel hosts removed the collection bin to cut down on potential viral spread in the early months of the pandemic. We are working to get a complete list of who still has barrels.

In the mean time, if you have a phone you would like to donate, there are still ways to do it. You can contact us directly at 301-891-2900 or at [email protected] to find a known barrel near you. You can also always donate a phone directly to us via USPS. Head over to our send us phones page to get a printable mailing label.

We want to thank everyone for their continued support of our humble operations over the last 18 years.