April Phone Drive

April Phone Drive


We are so excited that you’ve decided to help our planet and your community by collecting phones for Secure the Call this Earth Month!  As an all-volunteer organization, we can only be successful with your help.

We have created everything you need in order to hold a successful drive at your school / house of worship / business etc.

To Start – Please register using our Google Form and make sure to join our discord server so we can quickly address any questions you may have.

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Earth Month Discord Server
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Next – Download the provided artwork to create your cell phone / tablet collection box. We’ve also provided marketing materials that you can use to promote your drive.

ThenWatch our video or read the instructions on how to build your collection box.

LastDownload a shipping label to send us whatever you’ve collected once your drive is over.


Let’s get started!

Click images to download the artwork and create your cell phone / tablet collection box in addition to any marketing materials:

Watch our video

For those of you that would rather not watch the video – here’s what you’ll need to know.

A successful phone drive starts with a great collection box. The easiest way to make one is to print our artwork that gets glued or taped to a box (we have a couple of sizes for you to choose from). (( insert a picture of a completed box))

Properly promoting the drive is the difference between collecting a few phones and tablets and collecting a lot of phones and tablets.  We’ve also provided marketing materials that you can print to help you get the word out that the drive is on.  In addition to the marketing materials we have – we’ll also be sending you (via email and on our webpage) social media posts that you can use to promote the drive.

Once the drive is over – use the provided mailing label to ship us back whatever you’ve collected.  After that – we’ll send you a letter of appreciation and email that you can circulate to everyone that helped you with the drive.

For the past 18 years, Secure the Call has been providing free phones to over 300 community partners around the USA.  With your help, we’ll continue to fulfill our mission of helping those in need with a free phone that can be used to contact 911 in the case of an emergency.  Thanks to you – the program works!


Do you take older phones and tablets?  Yes – we take any and all cellular devices.  Our founder, Mike Morgan has the title with us of “Head Tree Hugger.”  Even if the device is too old – we want to make sure it’s properly recycled.

Does the drive have to end on April 30th? No.  You can keep the drive going as long as you think you can still get more phones.

How do you ensure people’s data is protected?All phones that are received by Secure the Call go through a rigorous testing process which includes removal of sim cards and a complete factory wipe of every phone.

What do you do with the phones?Rather than give the phones out to individuals, we instead, distribute them through what we call, “Community Partners.”  These include Police Departments (Victim Assistance Units), Domestic Shelters and Senior Citizen Organizations.  To date – we have over 300 CP’s that rely on us to get phones ready to hand-out in their local communities.

How many phones have you donated?We have donated over 15,000 phones to high risk communities throughout the country since our inception 18 years ago.

Do you take broken devices? Yes – At our core, we’re an environmental organization.  Plus – we sometimes use broken phones for their parts to fix other broken phones.  Either way – we’ll make sure that no phone or tablet ever ends up in a landfill.

For any other questions, give us a call at 301 891-2900 or email us at [email protected]

Here is to having our best Earth Month ever!